How to Import Snack Foods From China

Every year the whole world imports a lot of snack foods from China. Why? And how should we import from China? This article will give you a detailed introduction.

Why Import Snack Foods From China?

1. There Are Several Advantages of Importing Snack Foods From China

First of all, China’s export of snack foods are of high quality. Since the 1980s, foreign-funded enterprises and joint ventures have introduced a large number of advanced snack food production technologies, which has promoted the development of China’s local food industry. Since the 21st century, Chinese local food companies have actively explored new snack food production methods, developed new food production formulas, strictly controlled food safety, and upgraded the industry.

Secondly, the price is competitive. China is rich in various food raw materials, with low labor costs, large production capacity and complete supply chain, which makes the price of finished snake food products of China have certain advantages in the world.

Especially during the epidemic period, China’s food industry has a stable supply capacity. Due to the success of epidemic prevention and control measures and a complete supply chain, China has always maintained stable production activities and continuously provided various products for the international community.

2. Export Status

At present, the export scale of China’s snack food is increasing year by year, and the degree of transactions with other countries has continued to deepen. As one of the largest confectionery and snack production bases in China, the annual output of Guangdong candies accounts for about 40% of the national output. Anbu, the largest export food processing base in China, is located in Guangdong Province with Shantou as the center and even in the whole South China region, good products that are synchronized with the international market are emerging in endlessly. In the process of OEM, it has come into contact with foreign product design, advanced technology and management experience, especially in terms of product categories, tastes, and packaging forms. Anbu  has learned about international market trends, and has become familiar with the prices, quality and delivery of export commodities, International standards. Soft candy, lollipop, press candy, popping candy are exported by Anbu and well favored by consumers from all over the world.

What Are the Methods to Import Snack Foods From China?

1. Online Retail Platform


Amazon is a popular shopping platform for consumers, with a large number of users, and many users like to buy Chinese products on Amazon. The products produced in China are cheap, and there are all kinds of goods for eating, drinking, and using. There are even some special Chinese products that can be seen on Amazon.


AliExpress is the international version of Taobao. It targets overseas buyers. Buyers need to use Alipay international accounts to secure transactions and use international express delivery. Chinese users can also buy things on AliExpress if they purchase from a foreign IP or an IP in Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, and the destination is abroad , Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan.


In recent years, the number of Asian sellers on eBay has increased sharply, and the types of products have become more abundant.


As an online market, Wish sells products including unbranded clothing, jewelry, mobile phone cases and shower heads, most of which are shipped directly from China.

2. Online Wholesale Platform

Made in China is a comprehensive domestic B2B e-commerce platform, covering the entire industry category: industrial products, raw materials, household goods, business services, etc. Provide suppliers with free establishment of corporate exhibition halls, free product release, mobile marketing and in-depth promotion services to help suppliers obtain business opportunities.

Alibaba International Station is an export marketing promotion service that provides international trade. It is based on the world’s leading inter-enterprise e-commerce website Alibaba International Station trade platform, and obtains trading opportunities and orders by showing and promoting suppliers’ companies and products to overseas buyers .

3. Online Independent Station

More powerful factories and trading companies are more inclined to build their own websites and directly contact customers. Using an independent station, you can directly email with buyers, add friends through social accounts, and do long-term follow-up, which can also reflect the company’s brand image and strength. The independent station has a higher degree of freedom, and can be customized according to needs, bringing a deeper reflection to buyers, and improving the “favorability” of the corporate brand.

4. Offline Trade Fairs

There are actually many types of offline foreign trade exhibitions in China. Even if the largest domestic fair is the Canton Fair in Guangdong, other large-scale comprehensive exhibitions include the China Fair, Yiwu Fair and so on. Compared with online promotion, foreign trade exhibitions can directly face customers and communicate more quickly and directly.

What Should Be Paid Attention to When Importing Snack Foods From China?

1. Time Difference

Due to the time difference, our working hours are not necessarily those of foreign customers, so we must figure out the time difference. The world is divided into 24 time zones. The time in China is based on the longitude of Beijing. For example: Germany belongs to the first district of the East, and it is 7 hours away from my country.

2. Communication Method

The main communication method in China’s foreign trade industry is email, and real-time communication with customers through WeChat, WhatsApp and various social platforms.

3. International Transportation

Online retail : Take Amazon as an example, there are three modes of transportation.

(1) Amazon FBA is a delivery service provided by Amazon, which specifically includes one-stop logistics services such as warehousing, picking, packaging, distribution, collection, customer service, and return processing. The seller prepares the goods to the Amazon warehouse in advance. After the customer places the order, the Amazon warehouse directly delivers the goods to the customer.

(2) Third-party overseas warehouses, one-stop control and management services of goods warehousing, sorting, packaging, and delivery provided by logistics service providers independently or jointly for sellers in the sales target place. The seller stores the goods in the local warehouse, and when the buyer has a demand, he will respond quickly and carry out the sorting, packaging and distribution of the goods in a timely manner.

(3) Self-delivery means that the seller directly delivers goods from domestic suppliers or warehouses to foreign customers after receiving the customer’s order, that is, the seller is responsible for a series of activities such as warehousing, sorting, packaging, delivery and customer service.

Online and offline wholesale : The most widely used are marine transportation and railway transportation. At present, more than two-thirds of the total international trade volume, and about 90% of China’s total import and export freight volume are transported by sea. Railway transportation is a mode of transportation that uses railway trains to transport goods. It is characterized by large transportation volume, high speed, low cost, and is generally not restricted by climatic conditions. It is suitable for long-distance transportation of bulky and heavy goods.


Until today, most countries choose to import snack foods from China due to its low labor costs, superb production technology, rich product categories and perfect supply chain.

Chaozhou Helikun Foodsuffs Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive food enterprise integrating R&D, production and marketing, and has passed the food safety management system and food safety market access certification. We supply all kinds of food, including press candy, lollipop, popping candy, soft candy, chocolate and provide OEM and ODM service. Welcome to contact and cooperate.


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