Ancient Chinese Snacks

Ancient Chinese Snacks-Nougat

The taste of nougat is both crisp and firm, with rich milky and nutty aromas bursting out. It is deeply loved and popular by the public, especially the best choice for children’s snacks.

Ancient Chinese Snacks

Ancient Chinese Snacks-Niupi Candy

Niupi candy tastes sweet, the outer layer of sesame seeds is uniform, the cut surface is brown and bright, translucent, elastic, fragrant, chewing and non-sticky, and enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.

Dragon Beard Candy
Ancient Chinese Snacks

Ancient Chinese Snacks-Dragon Beard Candy

Dragon Beard Sugar was originally called Yinsitang (also known as Dragon Beard Crisp, Noodle Sugar). The raw material is maltose. It is a traditional Chinese folk snack.

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